Guard Services in Uttrakhand


Anchor Security Services provides security guard solution to residential / industry /corporate /bank...

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Housekeeping Services in Pune


By keeping track of the modern market trends and advancement, we have come...

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Gardening Services in Nagpur


Moving on deep knowledge & industrial experience, we are offering a very effective solution for Gardening...

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Labour Services in Maharashtra


Anchor Security Services operate solely in the supply and provision of skilled labour for ground...

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Some Features of our Services that Made us Unique

1 Our organization functions on the line of military services.
2 We have a team of Ex-Servicemen well-trained and experienced in security duties.
3 We deploy our personnel in smart tricot uniform complete from headgear to footwear.
4 We also provide monsoon and winter wear to our staff personnel.
5 Our staff will not be a member of any union and you will find them honest disciplined, loyal and well mannered in all respect.
6 We accept the responsibility for meeting all statutory liabilities to our staff from time to time.
7 We have with us trained and expert field staff to look after supervision.
8 We ensure that no theft or pilferage take place as for if it is within the staff.
9 We also agree to replace any or all of our staff by providing suitable relief on the request of the clients.
10 We are obliged to provide additional manpower at a very short notice when called upon to do so by our clients., however rates will be differ from prevailing as per the agreement and will be arrived at my mutual consent.
11 We also do free of cost liaison work for our clients in respect of the security matter
12 Before deploying our staff on duty they are given sufficient training in the field of security. Intelligence, First – aid, fire/fighting and vigilance etc.
13 We do not deploy local persons for security duties for obvious reasons well known to you.
14 We provide single residential accommodation at the nearest location with a view to meet the requirement of reinforcements and to meet effectively unusual threat to industry.
15 The personnel are paid their salary in time and as per wages act in force.