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Our Terms and Conditions

  • The security personnel to be deployed at your premises for duties may be decided with mutual consulations.
  • Our security personnel will perform duties on a working Schedule of 48 hours per week i.e. 8 hours per day and 06 days in a week. Relieving staff will be provided by us at your cost on the day when regular staff have their weekly off Le. 1/6 th of the wages will be charges for providing relievers.
  • We undertake to compensate the losses incurred by our clients on account of theft and pilferage provided, it is provided beyond doubt by competitive authority that theft/pilferage is result of other connivance or negligence’s on the part of our personnel.
  • You will be responsible for providing and maintaining security paraphernalia like fencing boundary walls, lights, proper gates, fire, alarms, emergency light etc. to help us to make security arrangements full proof.
  • You will not engage our personnel directly or indirectly under you in your employment or on contract period or within one year from the date of their termination thereof. In case you employ our person contrary of this you become liable for compensation which may be equivalent to there month salary of individuals employed by you.
  • Our charges are cost competitive in the industry and depend upon your requirement of personnels. Our service charge on the total amount of the bill will 45% (PF, ESIC, Bonus, Service charges) GST 18% on Total billing amount. Shall ask for revision of rates as and when the Government revises the special allowance basic pay during the period of our contract or any other financial burden imposed by the Government by any act law time to time.
  • Regarding payment of our monthly bills we would like to mention that the payment should be made by the 6 th of every month to enable us to make the payment of our personnel in time.
  • The contract can be terminated by either party by giving one month notice period or payment in lieu thereof. However initial contract period will be for minimum one year.
  • We have 02 field officers, 02 motorcycles with us. Our Field Officers take frequent round of different units (Day/Night) to meet our honourable clients and have surprise checks of our guards by our Area Officer, Area Supervisor, Night – Checking Officer and the undersigned himself.